Versetal Brings Service Excellence

Salesforce CRM has been a standard setter since its intro in 2000, helping companies find prospects, close deals, and delight customers. Your company’s sales, service, and marketing teams will become more productive, efficient, and knowledgeable using this cloud solution they can access from anywhere.

Configurable, customizable, and offering editions designed to fit every need, customized Salesforce solutions and tools facilitate customer and market analysis and expand communication.

Your company will get the results that matter; increased sales and delighted customers.

With Salesforce you can:

  • Give all your teams shared views of your customers

  • Use AI to automate workflows

  • Protect your business data

  • Customize and scale with the company

  • Easily integrate your CRM with existing systems

The Versetal matches your company’s size and needs to create the perfect Salesforce solution.

Grow your Sales

  • Keep track of all of your customer interactions

  • Automate away redundant work and focus on selling

  • Working smarter, your sales team increases revenue and productivity

Delight your customers

  • Substantially improve response times by agents

  • View and manage every channel with one source

  • Unify all communications platforms, including chat support, email, social, and telephone

Become a marketing powerhouse

  • Individualize with messaging that is personalized and targeted

  • Create and trigger messages for every kind of customer action

  • Compile customer data from across channels and devices

Connect and work across channels

  • Unify customer buying experiences, whether B2B or B2C

  • Continually innovate and deliver new solutions for customer shopping

  • Make personalization prevalent with AI

Full Service Consulting and Implementation Roadmap

\Companies deserve solutions that fit them, not what worked for someone else. Versetal starts with understanding your company’s needs and outfitting it with the right solution the first time. Our clients aren’t subject to a partial solution that leads to ongoing tweaks and disruption. Versetal’s experts define the need, find the solution, and create a custom roadmap for a smooth transition.

User-friendly Implementation and Integration

A high-producing CRM requires expert implementation and integration that meets the needs of all teams. Your Salesforce CRM has to serve the needs of sales, customer service, and your customers. Versetal customizes Salesforce and integrates it with your existing systems to grow your sales and delight your customers.

Support and Maintenance

Implementation excellence is only half the story. Support and maintenance are ongoing and essential. Versetal’s Salesforce service and support match your company’s needs on your timeline because user support, system services, and performance monitoring aren’t only needed during working hours.

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