Microsoft Office 365

Versetal Brings Service Excellence

A standard across industries, Microsoft Office is the tool of choice to enhance organizational productivity. Its enterprise-grade services are used by small and large organizations, enhancing document sharing and meeting communications needs with the world’s foremost email client.

Versetal understands the need for teams to use Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to improve productivity and sharing. Foremost, Versetal gets to work understanding organizational needs and crafting a roadmap to exceed them with an all-inclusive 365 solution to provide a seamless, secure, and holistic solution.

The Versetal Services Difference

Consulting Services for Optimal Organization Use

Your company operates on its own terms, which has created its success. A solution not explicitly tailored to your specific organizational needs is a 50% solution.

Versetal begins the Microsoft 365 cloud journey with a roadmap specifically tailored to company needs that will scale with organizational growth. The goal is a solution optimized to match the needs of every employee, and our consulting services ensure the optimal outcome.

We bring world-class Microsoft 365 technical assistance and advisory services to meet your business needs.

World-Class Office 365 Implementation

Once your organizational needs are comprehensively understood, Versetal tailors a subscription plan that meets those needs within your budget. We use Microsoft requirements to craft an efficient cloud solution with an excellent return on investment (ROI).

It isn’t enough to implement; Versetal only executes with excellence to meet organizational needs and ensure an outstanding ROI.

Perfectly Matched Customization

The Versetal implementation roadmap is an Office 365 customization that perfectly fits your requirements. As an expert Office 365 Managed Service Provider, Versetal customizes installations no matter the complexity, resulting in solutions that fit your unique company.

Regardless of how complex your workflow, brand conveyance, artificial intelligence (AI), or custom add-on needs, Versetal brings the optimal solution.

Disruption-Free Migration

Migrating to the Office 365 solution needn’t be a pain point for your company. Versetal makes the process smooth, ensuring data migration without a loss of data integrity. The Versetal roadmap accounts for the scope of the migration and a disruption-free execution.

You can’t afford disruption or data loss; as implementation experts, the Versetal team keeps your company running smoothly throughout the process.

Solution Beyond a Functional Integration

Every business utilizes a different and complex mix of applications requiring an integration that makes for an efficient solution, not one that “just works.” Comprehensive planning is conducted to ensure the functionality of existing applications is improved in the Office 365 environment.

Versetal brings a solution that expands intracompany collaboration with optimized interdepartmental communication. Current systems are accessed with a single sign-on, and application switching is simplified.

More Than a Managed Service

Versetal takes the management of your Office 365 ecosystem to the next level. Constant monitoring and maintenance mean a proactive approach to security and performance—your team benefits from a managed service provider that responds promptly to troubleshooting requests. Company employees will know their accounts are secure on a consistently updated, efficient, and monitored solution.

Versetal Brings Excellence in Account and Cloud License Administration

As an authorized Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Versetal offers the full range of Office 365 services, including competitively priced licenses. From the process’ beginning to ongoing management, Versetal incorporates your company’s IT ROI, compliance needs, and ideal licensing options.

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