Microsoft Dynamics

Cloud-Based CRM and ERP Solutions Create the Ultimate Intelligence Infrastructure

Your business is comprised of relationships before anything else. Teams, prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners; strong relationships equal success. A streamlined, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution connects everyone through Microsoft’s cloud-based solution, a CRM and ERP solution with a full suite of essential tools that constantly evolve to be more productive and intuitive.

The Versetal Services Difference

Full Service Consulting and Implementation Roadmap

We start with understanding your company’s needs and outfitting it with the right solution the first time. Our clients aren’t subject to a partial solution that leads to ongoing tweaks and disruption. Versetal’s experts define the need, find the answers, and create a custom roadmap for a smooth transition.

User-friendly Implementation and Integration

A user-friendly, high-productivity Dynamics 365 ecosystem requires expert implementation and integration that meets the needs of all teams; customer service, sales, operations, finance/accounting, and management. Your Dynamics 365 system has to serve the needs of all your internal teams, and Versetal customizes it as necessary to accommodate the workflows, reports, integrations, and add-ons that best suite your business.


While necessary, change often seems to be difficult for most organizations. Our dynamics experts tailor migration to begin the return on investment (ROI) from day one. Versetal ensures employees easily navigate the change and adopt the new platforms.

Support and Maintenance

Implementation excellence is only half the story. Superior ongoing support and maintenance are necessary to write the rest of the book. Versetal’s 24/7 Dynamics service and support fit your company’s needs on your timeline because user support, system services, and performance monitoring aren’t only needed during working hours.

Versetal Brings the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution That Fits

There is no one-size-fits-all Dynamics 365 solution, and Versetal understands, plans, and implements the one that fits you.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A company operating without an adequate CRM solution operates in the dark regarding its customers. Not having an easy-to-access and use database of customer contact details, deal status, service requests, and outreach efforts leaves 30% of your sales potential unfulfilled.

Knowledge of the customer’s status and interactions from campaign response through post-sale support optimizes marketing efforts, fosters solid customer relationships, reduces support costs, and boosts sales.

Versetal doesn’t just bring the CRM; we bring a full customer solution that takes your company’s sales and service to the next level.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Mid-sized organizations turn to Dynamics SL as the business management solution that makes them more efficient and productive. Project management and accounting functionality standardize processes and boost employee productivity. Businesses using Dynamics SL better manage customer demands, meet compliance requirements, and meet commitments on time and on budget.

Dynamics AX

While at its end of life and with Microsoft support ending, companies using Dynamic AX still need support, enterprise reporting integration, and migration services when they move to Dynamics 365.

Versetal can provide the needed support, manage integration, and help your company migrate to Dynamics 265 Finance and Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

A comprehensive ERP solution, Dynamics Navision was developed for global businesses to foster growth and streamline internal processes across all major aspects of your business. The intuitive interface makes access to management tools easy and effective.

Navision features include financial management, manufacturing, sale and marketing, supply chain management, and project management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from an out-of-the-box industry-specific ERP that improves their management from day one. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solution of choice to enhance your management of processes and expand communications across the entire company.

Business intelligence, communication, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting are all part of the GP solution.

Versetal Brings Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Every Business Function

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a solution for every component of your company. Versetal brings the solutions that fit and tailors them for your business-specific needs.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Your sales see significant growth when your salespeople can:

  • Connect with customers through the communication channels they prefer

  • Utilize AI to suggest the next best actions with the highest likelihood to close

  • Predict and manage their pipelines

  • Prioritize their pipelines
    Use Dynamics 365 Sales with Their LinkedIn

  • Access immediate insights about the competitive market, customer emotions, and priorities for their phone calls.

Versetal brings a properly configured Dynamics 365 Sales solution that elevates your closing rates.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Reduce field service costs and streamline service with Dynamics 365 Field Service. Relevant work order data that fits your service model is delivered remotely to improve service accuracy. With work orders streamlined and resolutions accelerated, the high costs associated with field service units are reduced with Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Your field service personnel will deliver personalized service experiences using:

  • Post-engagement surveys
    Remote collaboration and support

  • A mobile-optimized platform

  • Automated scheduling

  • Dashboards to analyze and increase first-time fix rates

  • Customer self-service scheduling

Versetal brings a custom solution that fits your company’s specific service needs and model to make your field service teams more efficient and save money.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Customer service excellence improves brand value and keeps customers coming back. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives you a competitive edge by enabling more informed and responsive customer representatives. Customized dashboards ensure your representative has only the necessary information when needed.

Your company’s customer service becomes next level with the ability to:

  • Track your customers’ issues

  • Record interactions
  • Manage conversations across every channel

  • Use AI analytics and insights to improve customer satisfaction

  • Track service levels

  • Manage performance through dashboards and reports

  • Participate in customer service chats

Versetal brings the customer service solution by ensuring your customer service team operates effectively with the information they need and none of the information they don’t.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Your finance and operations performance depends on actionable intelligence. Data-driven solutions can’t wait until tomorrow. As a complete ERP solution, your company has real-time access to the relevant information it needs.

Your company maximizes profits and streamlines operations with:

  • Enhanced financial decision-making from analytics, AI-driven insights, and financial reporting

  • Unified and automated processes from financials integrated into core processes and tasks

  • Lowered costs and optimized spending from process automation, financial planning, and budget control

  • Warehouse and transportation management

  • IoT (Internet of things) integration to manage equipment, production, and facilities

Versetal brings the finance and operational information you need right now. Your company operates like none other; Versetal customizes Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to ensure it operates better than all others.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Your marketing team works hard to generate leads, and every bit of relevant data matters. Knowing the customer journey, scoring leads, and creating more efficient and effective communication means higher quality leads received by your sales team.

Marketing becomes more effective when your marketing pros use Dynamics 365 Marketing to:

  • Engage in real-time with your target audience

  • Understand and orchestrate the customer journey

  • Personalize customer experiences using new

  • AI-driven insights

  • Enhance compliance and security to build customer trust

Versetal brings you better lead generation with a Dynamics 365 Marketing solution customized through extensive listening to understand your marketing team’s specific needs.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Your employees are your company’s most important asset, and removing tedious tasks from HR professionals allows them to spend more time fostering retention, hiring qualified candidates, and growing employee satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Human Resources increases organizational agility, helps HR discover new workforce insights, and optimizes benefits, compliance, and compensation programs.

Your HR department thrives with:

  • Employee self-service HR tools

  • Automated benefits, leave, absence, and compensation management

  • Simplified training and compliance programs

  • New workforce insights

Versetal brings you a better way to manage employees. Your company has its own mission, values, and employee needs. Taking time to understand those needs, Versetal ensures you get the right solution to develop your most important resource, your people.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Retail management has many moving parts, and retailers have the daunting task of pulling everything together to create delightful shopping experiences and keep bringing customers back. Regardless of the retail channel, Dynamics 365 simplifies merchandising, automates inventory management, and delivers unified and seamless buying experiences.

Enhance the customer experience and increase sales with:

  • New customer options to purchase how, when, and where they want

  • Enhanced customer and partner data, building loyalty by better responding to their needs

  • An end-to-end e-commerce solution that scales with your company

  • The AI add-in solution that maximizes ROI, and optimizes your business processes

Versetal brings new ways to delight customers. Regardless of your retail channel, products, or inventory model, a custom Dynamics 365 Commerce package simplifies your management needs and creates customer experiences that keep bringing them back.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Supply chain has been a struggle for companies worldwide, and a resilient and intelligent supply chain is the cornerstone of business continuity. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management ensures that your company can plan and remain agile due to consistency in its supply chain. Your procurement now has a consistent strategy that saves the company money.

Some of the functions Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables are:

  • Scale warehouse management to optimize space

  • Automate across processes to save time and relieve tedious tasks

  • Manage inventory to avoid running out of stock or overstocking

  • Plan production needs in real-time

  • Manage assets by planning, predicting, and guiding proactive maintenance

  • Speed up outbound and inbound processes like picking and shipping

Versetal brings you supply chain consistency and cost savings. Regardless of your supply chain needs, Versetal custom tailors Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to fit.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

An end-to-end solution, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation simplifies tracking, managing, and delivering project solutions. It accommodates the entire process from the sale to the invoice. Track your time and expenses for project work remotely or in-office to help monitor and control costs.

Some of the functions Dynamics 365 Service Automation enables:

  • Plan your projects and create work schedules and estimates

  • Forecast your resource requirements

  • Estimate the cost and revenue, then compare with tracking

  • Quote, bill, and price projects

  • Manage your resources

  • Reports and interactive dashboards monitor your KPIs

Versetal brings easy to your company. Project management doesn’t have to be hard. A Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation package tailored to your project types ensures products are in stock, increases efficiency, and saves money.

Dynamics 365 AI

Dynamics 365 AI is a revolution in how your company approaches intelligence. AI provides in-depth insights, silo removal, and improved agility, allowing you to enhance a single process or be an industry disruptor.

Dynamics 365 AI offers:

  • Customer insights

  • Sales insights

  • Customer service insights

  • Fraud protection

Versetal brings new intelligence to your company with specially customized AI that provides new intelligence and makes your business an industry innovator.


Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality

The growth of remote work and worldwide workforces means every enhancement in company communication and visualization produces exponential improvement. Instant collaboration results in ideas generated now and immediate answers to questions. New ways to visualize data mean an overseas employee sees a production layout or product in ways never before available, making for better decision-making and guidance.

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality revolutionizes communication with:

  • Bring data into the workflow and share it with remote experts

  • More effectively train employees worldwide with immersive learning experiences

  • Easy content creation with ready-to-use holograms

  • Align 3D content to the physical world with mixed reality

Versetal brings new ways to visualize data and communicate, advancing your company’s products and processes beyond the 2D world. Remote employees communicate in real-time and see the business in new ways. Mixed reality brings complete data to the forefront when employees view the reality around them.

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